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Operating Room support System(CriNavi_OR)

CriNavi_OR is a support system that specializes in the operating room. It makes possible the systematization of the operating room procedures. It can perform work support and the cost management in the operating room.

CriNavi_OR diagram Feature of CriNavi_OR

Schedule Adjustment Function

Applications for surgery can be managed centrally by the operating room and operation schedule. Assignment of staff and rooms as well as checking for double-booking of ME equipments can be handled wit

Schedule diagram

Preparation According to Operation Procedure

The picking work of the medical treatment material can be reduced and you can standardize operation procedure based on operation information.

Job Analysis According to Operation Type

All information for each operation is consolidated in the data warehouse. Further improvements can be made by analyzing the procedures in the operating room.

Analysis of Business Management diagram

Cost Management

You can consolidate all data related to billing and insurance calculation for each patient, such as operational procedure coding (scientific operation procedure, K code, ICD9), reimbursement managemen

Cost Management diagram

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