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Logistical System(CriNavi)

CriNavi_Pro is a Logistical System. It centrally manages the requests and consumption of each department.

CriNavi_Pro diagram Feature of CriNavi_Pro

Reduction of Stock Control of Each Department

The consumption data in each department is analyzed to perform best constant management and to reduce dormant stock.

Reduction of Stock Control of Each Department diagram

Safety management

It holds expiration date and lot information of each medical treatment material.  It also manages and records the process and status of stock, disbursement, and consumption.

Picking Work Management of Stock

Picking and the delivery operations are supported by real time collection of consumption information in each department. Labor becomes more efficient and reduced by automatic ordering through stock or

Picking Work Management of Stock diagram

Accumulation and Analysis of Data

The consumption data and the buying information are accumulated to analyze the most appropriate level of stock and supplies at the hospital as well as their pricing.

Accumulation  and Analysis of Data diagram

Cooperation of CriNavi_OR and CriNavi_CATHE

Since materials can be supplied per operation through consumption information, requisitions of operation and catheter rooms are eliminated.

Electronic Ordering

Real time electronic transaction is possible with suppliers.

Electronic Ordering System diagram

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