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Standardization of Hospital Operating Procedures

Medipro Japan offers a system solution developed with the combination of medical field knowledge and advanced IT technology.  EBM in each specialty division is computerized, which optimizes the operation process of the entire hospital.

We provide the following services in our mission to support healthy management of hospitals, create environments that foster true professionalism among medical specialists, and afford the people who receive medical treatments quality care, safety and peace of mind.

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Description of Business

Consulting Service

Hospital Management Professionals assess and analyze the current condition and support your staff in making and implementing plans to address your specific issues. We give comprehensive consultation to the hospital management including operational improvement of advanced healthcare unit and hospital logistics.

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Outsourced Hospital Operations

We undertake all hospital logistical operations.  Using our system, we improve the efficiency of the hospital`s internal distribution process. We cut costs through complete logistical management by eliminating overstocks as well as improving safety management such as monitoring expiration dates.

Development and Sales of Hospital Software

We develop, design, build, and distribute specialized systems to carry out hospital operations more economically and efficiently.

We have systems such as:

CriNavi_OR specializes in Operating Room Management.

CriNavi_CATHE specializes in Catheter Room Management.

CriNavi_Pro specializes in Hospital Logistics.

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